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We all hear those scary stories about big fights between clients and graphic designers which end with tremendous disaster and no project done. Those urban myths can have harmful impact on your actions towards your designer, even unconsciously. It’s high time to give you some ground knowledge of ways how to treat him to get the greatest project possible. What’s more, I want to break those poisonous stories and give you useful direction, cause telling that graphic designers are egoistic snobs are also hurting me personally.
From my point of view it’s really simple to have creative and productive relationship which is satisfying for both sides. First of all, you need to find right designer who’s mature enough to understand his role in project perfectly.  And secondly, you need to work hard on your words and actions not to be offensive and disrespectful. You are  a client and a person who has straight business plans for a graphic project, which you are paying for. But still you should think about yourself more like group player not as an owner of a designer.
So what features you should try to find in your future designer? To have smooth cooperation you need person who is responsible, knows what deadline is and has some social skills. What is more he or she should understands that graphic is a way to reach business goals. Those skills are as important for a designer as experience and a level of a creativity. There is one more thing – designer should know how to hear carefully and knows that corrections of his work are for improvement not distraction. If you are lucky enough and find such a person you’ve made first step to minimize a probability of a disaster.
Next step maybe is obvious but I have a feeling that not for everybody. Your graphic designer is a human. Seriously. Even from my personal experience – there was many clients who thought that giving feedback on Friday evening entitled them to demand the whole changed project on Monday morning. Your graphic designer has the same needs as you, he’s not a robot. He needs to eat, rest and be treated with respect. He also wants to have weekends and free evenings. As a result don’t expect that your project will be creating during the night when you are sleeping. What is more, your designer may have a family, debt or personal problems, and graphic is not only his hobby but most important his full-time job, so pay your gay as he deserves. You would like to have your salary on time, so why are you so shocked that he also have the same need? When you are respectful for others they want to give the best of them for a project, so it is as simple as that, accept it and nail it.
Those are ground basics. If u have them you have perfect start to have a great partner and group player for your aim. After that you need to take care of some important details to give your graphic designer creative space and stimulating motivation and as a result get the greatest result possible.

1.Know what you need and be as clear about it as possible. You should provide examples for inspiration, to give him or her feeling about atmosphere. Although it is not an invitation for demands like: “ I want the same as…”. Those words can bring aquard silence. If you like the same – go to author and pay for it.
2. Feedback is so important but only in situation when it is constructive and inspirationing. There is nothing valuable in telling “I don’t like it”. Be an adult and try harder. Describe problem and give some space for your designer for a solution. At the end he is an expert, and there was a reason in going to him and not doing it by yourself.
3. Treat him with respect – he is your expert so listen when he is talking about the project, cause he can give you important info which can change your perspective. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have an opinion. But still do you tell your surgeon how to make an operation? So why everybody thinks that graphic design is different?
4. Gratifications are one of the best motivation powers. Telling somebody: “great job” shouldn’t be a problem. But why are we so short in positive words for each other?
5.Give your graphic designer feeling that he is important part of a group even when he is only freelancer. It brings feeling that you are a piece in some great big project. As a result, he will be try harder to make project better, cause he is not only one.

You also should be aware of the fact that behind every great graphic project stands not only a designer but also whole team which provides necessary information, feedback and motivation for him. So this cooperation should be a success not a disaster. It is so sad when it turns into one just because of a luck of communication and social skills. Just take a right person for a job and be respectful, patient and try to motivate him as well as you can. It is the best practis to have productive and creative cooperation!


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